In memory of Ruth Jerome A”H
Written by Alissa Shams with memories from her granddaughter Nina Harary

This past month our community lost one of our most inspiring role models. Ruth Jerome A”H, was a woman before her time. Ruth began working as a secretary for real estate mogul Abe Rudin. Ruth left her lucrative job to give birth to her children.

In 1960 Lou’s Deli was opened, and together the Jeromes ran the business side by side. Every business decision was made together. This insured the success of Lou’s Deli.

The day began at 10:00 am preparing for the lunch crowd. After school all of the Jerome children, two sons, and a daughter ,would come to the store to do their homework, sometimes with the help of the customers. At 7:00 pm Ruth would take her children home to feed them a home cooked dinner. Ruth would shower her children, put them to bed, and then return to the store at 9:30 pm to help her husband prepare for the 11:00 pm closing. Ruth’s children remember this schedule to be an everyday occurrence in their lives. For Ruth it was family first, followed by the success of Lou’s Deli. Ruth always put others before herself.

As the children grew up they inherited their parents work ethic. Each worked in the Deli on Sundays. The family work ethic is apparent until today.

Ruth and her husband ran their business together from 1960-2004. Ruth worked with her husband out of necessity. This was how the Jeromes supported their family.

The long years of work and dedication paid off. After the business was sold the Jeromes enjoyed each other’s company and travelled the world together.

In the words of her family “Ruth loved her life, being a hard worker, while at the same time being the best wife, mom, grandmother, great grandmother,sister, and aunt . She had a spice for life and never let anything put her down “.

Propel was established to support women interested in entering the workforce. One of our most encouraging methods of guidance is hearing from like minded women in the community who have successfully managed to work and maintain their family lifestyles and values.

Ruth Jerome A”H was a true role model for any woman, wife, and mother. We can learn from her example to follow your dreams. When you take pride in what you do, and put your mind to it you can have it all.

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