Do What You Love For Those That You Love

Propel is here to help community women discover a profession, cover the cost of tuition and enroll in certification programs. Propel is also a support system, a self-esteem booster, and a place to find a passion that you never knew existed. The women who walk through the doors of Propel come from all walks of life. The Propel woman is married with kids and wants to find something fulfilling to call her own. The Propel woman is the young adult looking for a program that suits her schedule and her goals. The Propel woman who just lost her job and is looking for financial stability or the woman with a retired husband looking to earn additional income. The Propel woman is a recently divorced woman with kids and is looking to navigate her new life as a single mother.

In fact, the Propel woman could be you and me.

In a short time, Propel has already helped 37 women graduate certification programs and land jobs (both part and full time) in their field of study. Collectively, these women will earn approximately $954,800 annually, with salaries as high as $75,000 in their first year. Here are some of their stories:



Auto CAD certificate (A computer-aided drafting software program used to create blueprints for buildings)


Hi Vicki! Could you tell me a little about yourself?


I’m 39 and have three girls. I’m married for 20 years. When I graduated high school I went to FIT for their interior design program. I almost finished but then I got married.


What was the catalyst that led you to call Propel?


I heard and read about Propel and thought it was interesting.  I always said I wanted to do something with computers and something with interior design. I called Propel. I didn’t know that they help you enroll [in a certificate program] or help pay for your education. Once I spoke with Ellen [Propel’s Life & Career Coach], I knew I was not backing out, I was going to prove to myself I could do this.


What certificate program did you take?


I took a basic Auto CAD class at the New York Institute of Technology. The program was 4 classes, that were 6 weeks each. It wasn’t that bad, it was once a week.


Were there any challenges you faced along the way?


Not really. I still picked up my kids from school at 4 o’clock and dropped them off in the house. I still made dinner and had everything done.


Are you working now?


I’m working with an architect in Deal, and I work from my house ten hours a week. It really fits my lifestyle, and I couldn’t ask for anything more perfect.


How does working affect how you see yourself as a mom, a wife, or a community member?


I like to have something of my own…It’s nice to have this part time gig, or practice for something I might want to do in the future.



Paralegal Certificate


Hi Jennifer! Could you tell me a little about yourself and what led you to call Propel?


I’m 32 and I’m a single mom with two kids. I got divorced and my life in the beginning was upside down. I met with Ellen at Propel, and we ended up finding a paralegal program at Pace in Manhattan. I graduated with a certification, and I’ve been working since as a paralegal.


Did you have a support system and what suggestions would you give women without one?


That was definitely a big push for me that I did have my family supporting me and for somebody with no support system that I had, I think just going to Propel, the coaches there are enough. I know in my personal experience I was always able to call them if I had a problem, but still until today I call Ellen. (laughs).


What advice would you give women wanting to go to work?


Follow your heart. Listen to what your heart is telling you to do. For a long time I was always listening to other people and pleasing other people. Then when I finally got to Propel I realized it’s not really me, that’s not what I wanted to do. For other women, listen to the advice Propel gives and figure out if this is what you really want to do, and if you can you picture yourself doing it long term.



Bookkeeping Certificate


Hi Judi! What led you to call Propel?


A friend of mine told me about Propel. She said they were offering courses that summer, and I was looking to expand my knowledge in computers, which I had very little of, so I really needed to start from scratch. I wasn’t working. I gave up my job working in retail and I did not want to go back to retail. I called Propel and got in touch with Ellen. We talked. She set me up with two classes, one with quickbooks and one with basic computers, and it was the best thing Propel ever did for me.


Where are you working now?


I’m doing accounts payable for a management amenities company. I’ve always been working but my jobs haven’t been consistent over the last 5 or 6 years. And now this job is the most stable I’ve ever had. I’m much more confident.


What advice can you give other women like yourself?


Not to be afraid to take the next step. Give it your all.


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This post was written by Bonnie Azoulay