Irene Cohen

Artist: Irene Cohen
Title: “Purple Rhythm,” 2015
Dimensions: 24” W x 18” H
Media: oil pastel
Instagram: @irenecohenart

Artist Statement: Capturing the essence of nature in its fleeting moments inspire Irene Cohen. Like the impressionists that came before her, she works both in her studio and in plein air painting her colorful landscapes. Whether the scene on her canvas depicts an expansive horizon or a minuscule element of nature, she evokes a sense of drama by playing with light and shadow. Her goal is for the viewer to see themselves in this scene and to experience the vibrations of color.

Biography: Irene Cohen is a mixed media artist based in Brooklyn. Her creativity was sparked early in life, traveling to the great museums of New York, London, and Paris as a child where she was introduced to the masters. Studying at Brooklyn College and Parsons School of Design were both instrumental to her art career as well as to the launching her floral design business, The Victorian Garden.

After Irene hosted an artist’s salon, she learned her calling as an art instructor. She now teaches weekly private group art classes, including a pastel class at The New York Cancer Center. She has also taught a drawing workshop at The Well New York.