Jamie Ades

Artist: Jamie Ades
Title: “Chaotic Visions,” 2020
Dimensions: 36” W x 24” H
Media: mixed media on canvas
Contact: jamieades@aol.com
Instagram: @jamiebrachaades
Website: jadebracha.com

Artist Statement:
My art is my voice. It is who I am. I don’t want to tell people about my work because I want people to tell me their own emotions and to have their own thoughts. How the viewer feels when they look at each piece, painting, or video is completely up to them. I want people to go into my work like it is their own, and I want them to see the parts of me that I shut out from the world, the parts that the world shut down itself.

“It takes no fear.”

And I think that is a concept that the rest of the world doesn’t quite understand yet. It is also a concept that I sometimes forget but always remember to express through my art. I want to create a world that is fearless, a world that you could feel and touch. With each brushstroke, each layer and texture, I want to evoke the sensory experience and forge a new connection between the tangible and intangible. I want my work to ignite the courage dormant inside the viewer, and give them the strength to bring it out into the world.

Jamie Ades is a painter and mixed media artist based in New York. She enjoys creating a world of texture and colors and wants her viewers to enjoy the touch and feel of this new world. Her work is experimental—she does not limit herself to any one material or process. As she continues her practice and expands her studio, she hopes to study and include theatre, animation, filmmaking, and sign language into her work in the future. Jamie graduated from the School of Visual Arts and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fine arts.