Jane Sutton

Artist: Jane Sutton
Title: “A Visit to the Transit Museum,” 2019
Medium: Art print on paper (from the original oil painting)
Dimensions: This work is available as a digital print in a few sizes
Contact: janeylisa@aol.com
Instagram: @Artby_Jane

Artist Statement: Much of Jane Sutton’s work comes from images and ideas from day-to-day life. For example, Jane created a series of works inspired by her frequent travels to Israel, to visit her family. This connection inspired the Jerusalem collection. She is drawn into the ancient feel of the city, its beautiful stone arches and stone laid roads. Their shapes inspire and challenge her to paint them with a playful eye. Most recently, Jane’s work has been inspired by outings with her grandchildren in New York. Her painting, A Visit to the Transit Museum, is a portrait of her granddaughter. Jane loves trying to capture her thoughts and curiosity as she explores the world.

Biography: Jane Sutton is a mom of six. A cook, baker, sculptor, and painter, Jane has always had her hands in one kind of art project or another. Once her children were grown, Jane developed a deep connection to painting. She started painting seriously about four years ago when she joined an art group led by Diane Green in Manhattan. Jane’s paintings reflect people and places in her life that have special meaning to her.