Jeannette Cohen

Artist: Jeannette Cohen
Title: “Colorful Escape,” 2018
Dimensions: 42” W x 32” H, framed
Media: mixed media and resin
Contact: (917) 361-5123
Instagram: @everythingseurope

Artist Statement: Jeannette is a self-taught mixed media artist who frequently calls upon her expertise in mosaic art, her eye for color and fashion, as well as her travels to new places and cultures for inspiration.

Similarly to how she has used jewels, stones, found objects, vitreous glass in her mosaic making, she has experimented with a variety of materials in her three-dimensional collages and mixed media works.

Jeannette’s collages often have fantasy storylines, but she prefers when the viewer creates their own stories. Most of the photos in her collages of flowers and locations that I have visited are her own.

Venice, Istanbul, and Cuba are just a few of the places that also fire up her passion to create art!

“The world is not Black and white, it is colorful
The world is not flat, it is full of texture
My work is colorful, upbeat, and happy!”
—Jeannette Cohen

Biography: Jeannette Cohen is an artist with a 25-year history working in mosaic art. She has collaborated with architects, interior designers, and contractors on various projects, and has completed small and large installations including a custom swimming pool.