Are we all the same?

Are we able to reinvent ourselves?

These are questions that many people ask themselves when they live in a tight knit community. Are we on a conveyer belt of life following a lead or can we personalize our choices to lead happier and productive outcomes?

In order to maintain happiness living in a group you must find individual satisfaction and follow your dreams.

Women are particularly invested in this conversation. “So many people rely on me: my husband, my children, my elderly parents … do I have time to invest in myself?”

The answer is yes!

Women need to personalize their own journeys and balance their individual goals with their family responsibilities.

A working woman helps to support her family by sharing the financial demands of running a household with her husband. Working women serve as role models to their children, and a new level of respect for the value of a dollar is introduced into the home.

Money does not grow on trees!

A career needs to be a good fit. The working woman wants to feel successful and accomplished, excited to go to work. For some women, their career choice encompasses a skill set they never knew they had.

Proper guidance and mentorship with a Propel career advisor can uncover a “you” that you never knew existed.

In her book Mindset, Carol Dweck encourages her readers to remove their limitations and labels. Once a woman puts her mind to something, it can be achieved. This mindset attitude leads to growth and even change that can foster a great outcome.
These are the women of our community, here are their stories:

Meet Jenny, a paralegal in our community…

Jenny was career-minded from an early age. Over the course of the pregnancies of her two children, Jenny completed a Master’s degree in Education. Although teaching was her initial career choice, Jenny was always interested in the criminal justice system.

Jenny was divorced and left to support two children. She reached out to Propel, understanding that they were a supportive organization in the Community. Jenny hoped that, through coaching, she might be helped to find a way to another career that might take her on a different path.

Ellen Ades, Propel’s life coach, spent some time with Jenny, and helped assess some of her skill sets and interests. Together they decided on a Paralegal Certification program at Pace University.

Jenny attended the program for five months, four days a week, two to three hours a day. She was able to balance her school schedule with her parental responsibilities. Her parents were very helpful to her, and supported her decision to seek guidance from Propel.

After receiving her Paralegal certification, Jenny worked for a law firm in Brooklyn. Recently, she began working in Long Island at Salem, Shor, and Saperstein LLP.  Her work revolves around estate planning, elder law and real estate. Jenny finds her work exciting, and even hinted at possibly going to law school one day to advance her career.

Jenny referred to The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins.  The book is a self-help guide to enriching your life and removing doubt. She recommends this read to anyone afraid to make a change.

“If you remove the fear, you can do anything!”, exclaims Jenny.


By: Alissa Shams & Randi Eisenstein

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