Lives in the Balance, The Story of Sara J.

Lives in the Balance, The Stories of Women

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Long before there was Facebook, women supported one another by sharing their personal stories.  Much of the sharing focused on practical information familiar to each woman:  finding a husband, parenting suggestions, housekeeping shortcuts, beauty tips and recipe ideas. Women have functioned as a network long before that word became popular, and “Networking” became a formal event to attend. 

Over the years, our stories have evolved and our responsibilities have grown. In many cases those same stories remain constant, but new chapters have been added. In the community today, you hear young women talking about what colleges they plan to attend, how they prepare for job interviews, describing profitable days in business, and in general about their professional dreams and aspirations.  

Women are impressive!

We are committed to the values of our Grandmothers and continue to focus on our families without diminishing the importance of that role. Simultaneously, women have figured out other ways to support the growing needs of that same family. Women have decided not to turn a blind eye to the financial responsibilities of running a household and have decided to step outside of the home to contribute. 

Women in our community represent a myriad of professions.  The stories of our working women need to be shared. The journey of each career path will inspire another woman to take that bold step outside the home. That sense of accomplishment, both for financial and emotional gain, is a very powerful story to share. How women do it all is the most compelling part of the story.


How do women balance these two roles, and maintain their sanity?

Every month PROPEL will profile the working women of our community. Our readers will meet designers, therapists, teachers, event planners, office administrators, and yoga instructors, just to name a few professional choices. 

How each woman achieved her career goal and how she balances her professional life and personal life will inspire other women to take that first bold step and call PROPEL.  We will provide guidance when you make this important decision and support you during your journey on the road to success. 



These are the women of our community, here are their stories:


Meet Sara, an interior designer in our community…



In the words of Ellen, a life coach and career advisor at PROPEL, Sara is an exemplary PROPEL candidate. As a graduate, she secured a full time position in the career of her dreams. 

Sara had innate design creativity. Three years ago, she decided to pursue her dream and, at the same time, to make a career choice to help support her family financially.


Sara made that initial call to PROPEL and was connected to her life coach Ellen. Sara remembers jumping on a train that same day after her life coach connected her to a design program that was beginning that very evening.  This marked the beginning of an amazing relationship acknowledged by both Ellen, the mentor, and Sara, the mentee. 

Every woman needs support!

Sara spent almost three years taking classes at Parsons School of Design in Manhattan, while at the same time balancing her personal life. In her own words, Sara describes her husband as a supportive partner who helps with their three children and has allowed Sara flexibility to focus on her income producing career. 

Currently, Sara works for an interior design company in Brooklyn and does some free-lance projects as well. PROPEL supported Sara through her certificate training and, upon graduation, her life coach guided Sara through the job placement process, recommending job placement sites.  Sara was persistent and sent out many resumes. She was thrilled when she responded to a post, scheduled an interview, and was hired. 

When asked how working has affected her personal life, Sara acknowledges that at first it was challenging. She notes that adjustments were made in her home life in order to accommodate the professional role that was new and exciting.  

Sara has grown tremendously as a result of her decision to pursue a professional career with the guidance of PROPEL. Sara tells her children, You have nothing to fear but fear itself and feels confident paying forward the advice PROPEL gave her to keep her eye on the prize



If you are interested in a career, please reach out to PROPEL and we can help you fulfill your professional goal.

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