PROPEL partners with Allegra Franco to help women become educators

Women have always been teachers!


It is the DNA makeup of women to nurture their families and communicate values to everyone in the household.  


Our community prides itself on its connection to Jewish tradition evident in the Synagogue and in the home. 


Upon arrival in this country, it was decided that an essential way to maintain our Jewish tradition was to establish a school system with a dual curriculum. Students would spend half the day learning Judaic subjects, in addition to the required general studies, including math, English and science.


In the last 20 years, training teachers within the community has become a priority. Establishing a Rabbinic college has allowed Rabbis to be trained in the Sephardic tradition and to be placed in the many schools and Synagogues that service our community.

In most schools, women make up a majority of educators. Teaching is a wonderful profession for a woman who is also committed to raising a family. The hours are compatible with children’s schedules, and with the Jewish calendar. Holidays and summers are vacation days, and the after-hour demands are not great, allowing for family time.

“The Allegra Franco School of Educational Leadership (“AFSEL”) established by Ezra S. Ashkenazi was developed to train teachers for the community schools,” says the school’s Director of Education, Gitta J. Neufeld. The women that have completed the program, which covers both Judaic Studies content and teaching methodologies, are teaching in schools in Brooklyn, Deal, Manhattan and Israel. They have discovered that they can change a child’s life, while changing their own.

Propel and AFSEL share a common mission. Both institutions support women looking to enter the work force and provide guidance throughout the entire process!



These are the women of our community, here are their stories:


Meet Lital, a Hebrew teacher in our community…

Lital’s story demonstrates the fantastic result of Propel and AFSEL working together.

Six years ago, Lital, who spoke very little English, arrived to the United States from Israel. Although she was deeply involved in raising her young children, Lital wanted to pursue a career in Jewish education. Her passion was the Hebrew language. Lital believes that, as our national language, Hebrew connects students to all that is Jewish.

Lital met with Gitta at AFSEL, and immediately connected with her. The program was accommodating, with classes given in the early part of the day, allowing students time for family and other obligations. The coursework included Tanach, Hebrew language, Jewish History, Jewish Law, Philosophy and teaching methodologies. Gitta recommended that Lital reach out to Propel to help with the tuition payments.

Lital met with Ellen Ades, Propel’s career coach. Lital is extremely grateful to Ellen for her guidance and encouragement throughout the process.

Lital began her teacher training when she was pregnant with her third child, and graduated while pregnant with her fourth child. With the encouragement of Gitta at AFSEL, Ellen at Propel, and, of course her husband, Lital did it! Today, she is a Hebrew language teacher at Magen David Yeshivah High School. 


“Lital is the classic example of what we look for – a person with a love for Torah and learning, a passion for children, and a strong desire to transmit her knowledge and love to the children of our community, coupled with a drive for excellence,” proudly exclaims Gitta. 



If you are interested in a career, please reach out to PROPEL and we can help you fulfill your professional goal.

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If you are interested in a career as a Judaic Studies educator, you can reach out to The Allegra Franco School of Educational Leadership:  Gitta Neufeld 718-962-4744 |