Propel has been taking advantage of the summer!

On a Sunday morning in July, Sharon and Michael Haddad, dedicated supporters of Propel, graciously opened their summer home to host an event to benefit Propel. Many community members gathered to hear inspiring stories from the working women of Propel.

Propel graduates moved the attendees at the Haddad event with their personal stories detailing their journeys with Propel. The common denominator of all that we heard was that a woman who works is capable of changing the financial destiny of her family. The stress of the modern day budget has paralyzed many families. Having additional income can be a game changer.

Our donors understand that investing in Propel is investing in the future welfare of community families.​ The return on their investment translates into a sizable dollar amount and improves the lives of so many!

What does Propel do?
We understand that women are looking for support. ​Many want to share their hopes and dreams and are looking for guidance and an outlet to “get started”.

On July 17t​h​, Propel hosted an inspiring workshop led by Alice Chera, a certified life coach in the community, at the home of Viviane Darwish. Forty women gathered to participate in a Vision Mapping workshop,​ and learned from both Alice and the Propel team how change is possible and it does not have to come at the expense of the values we hold as Jewish women.

A ​Vision Map​ is a tool for both clarity and self-discovery. Women on a whole tend to underestimate themselves and their capabilities despite their numerous accomplishments. A Vision Map is a fun way to initiate change by nurturing creativity, inviting possibility and clarifying talents and skillsets. It also incorporates the full landscape of a woman’s life by including both personal and professional goals.

Women’s lives are multi-dimensional. More than ever women need to know that balance is possible while earning an income.

The workshop started with an introduction by Alice and the Propel team. The women then began working on their vision mapping boards, cutting out magazine images and phrases to create personal collages of individual hopes, dreams, strengths and income producing opportunities.

Then the women shared. Many women presented their boards, and subsequently their personal goals with Alice’s guidance and encouragement.

The workshop was incredibly inspiring!

Woman want to connect and share with one another. The goal of the Vision Mapping workshop was to encourage women to reach out to Propel and identify a career that makes sense for each woman as an individual. Sharing stories of balancing personal and professional responsibilities is a common conversation.

Women learn from each other, and Propel is here to help women with their exciting journeys!

Stay tuned to hear about other Propel events this summer!

By Alissa Shams and Randi Eisenstein