Sarah Chyrek

Artist: Sarah Chyrek
Title: “Boundless Warmth,” 2020
Dimensions: 16” W x 20” H Media: oil on canvas
Instagram: @colorsbysarah

Artist Statement: Sarah Chyrek is an artist in Brooklyn who focuses on creating paintings and drawings that are an expression of her experiences, motivations, and imagination. Inspired by analyzing master artists’ works and observing the world around her, many of the paintings she creates use strong colors and detail depicting scenes of Jewish spirituality, tradition, and daily life.

While Sarah’s artwork represents scenes that are familiar to her and those in her community, many of her paintings are the work of reimagining an experience or inspiration and forming a composition that she developed. Sarah currently works with acrylics, oils, pencil, and charcoal. Her work features a range of landscapes, still life, figurative compositions, and portraits. She is passionate about observing, learning, and improving through trying new mediums, styles, and techniques.

Sarah believes that art is an expression of the soul and she wants her artwork to transmit deep emotion whether its conveying drama or stillness and to bring out the essence of the moment in every work she creates.

Biography: Sarah Chyrek is an artist in Brooklyn, who through a combination of inspiration and passion, creates drawings and paintings with vivid color and detailed compositions, which expresses family, Jewish life and tradition.