Sarine Tebele

Artist: Sarine Tebele
Title: “A Rolling Good Time,” 2006
Media: Ink on paper Dimensions: 21.5” W x 27” H
Instagram: @sarinetebelestudio

Artist Statement: Sarine Tebele’s work currently explores themes, scenes, and environments drawing from personal experience. She creates narratives and musings in response to her faith, spirituality, the healing process, inner-dialogue, family, and loss. She often works from photographs, memory, and imagination. Often, her process begins with creative writing, journaling, and meditation to find the path toward the next project.

Biography: Sarine Tebele is a visual artist and teacher. She began her training as an undergraduate student at The School of Visual Arts, 2005–2006, and has developed a range of skills in studio art in courses at Fashion School of Technology, The Arts Students League, and Parsons School of Design and Kingsborough Community College.

She is the founder of Sarine Tebele Studio Creative Workshop Series, where she teaches a range of mixed-media programs to children and adults out of her Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn studio. An extension of Sarine’s personal art practice, each workshop includes an immersive component, combining sounds and projected imagery to inspire and enhance each student’s experience of creating and finding their artistic voice.